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About Gadget Guru

Gadget Guru believes that gadgets truly do make a difference in people lives. Whether it be for entertainment, hobby, or productivity, it becomes disruptive when electronics breakdown. It could even cost a fortune for replacements or “upgrades”. Little known secret: they can be fixed. That’s right, Gadget Guru fixes gadgets.

Cracked screen? Game console dead? Computer Running slow? Don’t replace them. Let Gadget Guru repair them for a fraction of the replacement cost. Gadget Guru specializes in repair of all models of cell phones, game systems and computers. We can replace your screen, save your X-Box from the Red Ring of Death or remove viruses. Gadget Guru extends its passion for electronics repair from three locations all around the Baltimore area. Even if the issue is completely alien, bring it in and let Gadget Guru look at it.

Most work is done the same day. Get a free, no obligation quote right over the phone. Whether your problem is hardware or software, Gadget Guru will brings your gadget back to life