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iPod or MP3 Repair – including iPod Original, Mini, Shuffle, Nano, and Touch

There are days when your music player is not working as designed. Before you decide to return it, send it in for iPod or MP3 repair and service at Gadget Guru! For all you music lovers out there, we will fix your iPod original, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, or iPod Touch back to its working state in no time and ensure the best experience. Our technicians are specially trained to repair almost any iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple computer products.Typical problems include but are not limited to:

  • Unhappy iPod face
  • Folder icon appears on startup
  • iPod doesn’t go past the Apple logo on startup
  • iPod will not turn on
  • iPod will not make any sound
  • Dead iPod battery (battery replacement)
  • iPod is not syncing
  • Exclamation Point Madness
  • Cracked iPod display or cracked screen
  • iPod is Water damaged
  • iPod will not turn on, turn off, or wake up
  • Frozen or hung iPod
  • iPod does not appear in iTunes

Gadget Guru is located in Owings Mills, Columbia, and in Towson for all of your gadget repair needs! Click HERE to view more location information.