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Microsoft Console Repair (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S)

Do you have the Red Ring of Death (Xbox game console) or problems with the Xbox One? Gadget Guru can fix your Red Ring of Death and other Xbox issues! Although not a permanent fix, our process assures the highest quality repair. We warranty the repair for 90 days. If it fails within that time we will perform the repair again. If it becomes unrepairable within the 90 days, we will refund all but the $20 diagnostic fee.

Does your Xbox game console exhibit some of these symptoms?

  • Xbox fans extremely loud or Console keep shutting off
    This may be an overheating problem, we are equipped to fix the overheating problems that affect the Xbox game console through use. It also might be that there’s a problem with the power supply.
  • Xbox console Disc Drive is jammed or is not reading discs
    Gadget Guru can fix that! We stock all models of laser lenses and can usually repair your Xbox game console the same day!
  • Xbox audio or video display problems
    Due to the sensitivity of electronics, your console could become damaged from hot plugging certain cables (plugging or unplugging a device is powered on). For whatever reason your Xbox game console video display is defective, you can bring it in to be diagnosed and repaired.
  • Xbox hard drive or SD card problems
    Some problems that your Xbox game console may have include not recognizing a hard drive, corrupted HDD (Hard Drive Disk), SD cards not inserting properly, unreadable memory. Our Gadget Guru technicians have experience with all of this and we will find the best solution for you!
  • Xbox cannot download, install, read software update
    This might be that there is connectivity network problem, not enough storage space, or has corrupted cache.
  • Xbox game controllers not working
    There are several things that can cause this, be it a faulty port or a broken controller.
  • Xbox not connecting to a network
    We can fix problems with your Xbox game console’s network card and wifi connection/network cable.

Gadget Guru is located in Owings Mills, Columbia, and in Towson for all of your gadget repair needs! Click HERE to view more location information.